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Reminder: Application deadline for winter 2011 is Sunday, December 19.

IncubatorIncubator is a top tier incubator of incubators, co-working spaces, and company acceleration programs. We help accelerate company accelerators, so they can help accelerate their companies faster.

Our services:

  • Access to incubation best practices
  • Demo Day Demo Day - demo your version of Demo Day to top incubator investors
  • Speaker series We have some of the top people in tech speak for us. Larry Ellison, Reid Hoffman, Mark Zuckerborg. These are all people who have not spoken at our events, although we think it would be cool if they did. Do you know anybody who might know them?

Our portfolio:

We have funded and incubated some of the top incubators in the business including:
  • BecauseCombinator The answer to Y Combinator.
  • YNotCombinator They ask Y, we ask Y Not?
  • We give each startup 50 iron, 10 wood, and 10 stone to start their own business within Minecraft
  • AirBnBForY. AirBnBforY specializes in incubating companies that are the "AirBnB" for their respective industries (e.g. "The AirBnB for pantry space" and "The AirBnB for condiments" (A lot of people aren't making full use of their mustard, ketchup, and other condiments. AirDiments creates a marketplace by which people can use each others condiments).
  • XforY. XforY specializes in adapting existing products for new markets (e.g. "Quora for pictures", "Foursquare for Government Beauracrats", "Mint for Facebook")
  • SuperAngelPad Why go to plain old AngelPad when you can go to SuperAngel Pad?
  • MicroAngel Just as MicroVCs are a new form of VC, MicroAngels will be a new form of Angel - they will be just like normal angels, except they put in even less money ($100 or less per seed investment)


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