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Elad Gil Managing Partner

Prior to IncubatorIncubator, Elad thought about writing a book on LISP (working title: "Lisps and Other Speech Impediments - How to Fix Them").There are a large number of incubators that have been formed in 2009-2010. IncubatorIncubator was formed in order to make it even faster and easier for incubators, co-working spaces, and other company-helping companies to be formed. Elad was inspired to start IncubatorIncubator based on this article.


Othman Laraki. Advisor Othman Laraki is a well known microangel (investments of $100 or less) and advisor to a number of incubators (e.g. BecauseCombinator) and marquee startups such as AirTensil (the AirBnB for people who own utensils), KitchenMine (a startup which builds custom kitchens within Minecraft), and the Like a Boss SNL video.

Toby Huang. Advisor With over 4 years of experience (28 years in dog years), Toby Huang is an expert on a variety of social media and social networks such as Dogster and Icanhazcheeseburger. His most recent projects include going for a walk, and trying unsuccessfully to learn new tricks. He is also an expert on ignoring his owners commands. You should follow Toby on Twitter here.

Baris Krestovsky. Advisor Baris Kestrovsky nationalize large Russia bank. Very powerful man in Russia. Baris like code "the python" and buy many gold bracelet and "ruby-on-rails" for fiance, Natasha.

Larry Page. Has nothing to do with IncubatorIncubator Larry Page is a co-founder of Google Inc. He is not involved with IncubatorIncubator in any way, but we thought his photo would look good on this page.

Corti 50 Semi-auto Incubator. Incubation expert The Corti 50 Semi-auto Incubator has many years of incubation related experience and is a world renowned expert on chicken incubation. You can read more about Corti here.
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